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XenFx Ad Manager


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Small question: what do you people currently use as an ad manager today in your forums? Or are you all new to the ad market or do you just put the ad in your html code? I went from openx to doubleclick.

Currently I use a homegrown solution.


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I will be needing something for banners. I will not be using Adsense, Amazon, or anything like that but I will want to put banners up.


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If it hits the same basic ideas that Lawrence's package would have, you can add another buy for me.

Thanks for stepping up and helping out.

+1 if my moderators also like its ease of use. Thanks for jumping in and making the effort!


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I'm Slavik's "guy" :p

I'll be posting in here for any questions I might have later.

For now a little informations...

I am currently creating the administration area for creating new ads. It is done in a way so I can add new ad types easily (or other developers can). This actually brings me to a question. I have 2 types. Banners and Scripts. I don't like calling them scripts so any alternative name for that would be nice. Anyways, are there any other types you would like? I was thinking some form of internal ad? (linking to things on your own site, "Read our Rules" etc).

Each ad has the XenForo 1.1 criteria added to it. So you can choose between the user and page criteria like when using notices to select when an ad should be shown. For example, set criteria to guests only to show an ad.

Placement I haven't really thought of yet, I was thinking per ad placement or something... not that important at the moment.

Next is more advanced things like grouping ads. I was thinking of just doing ad groups like user groups. Then ad groups can also have criteria. Think of this as user permissions and user group permissions.

Also there would be criteria added, like times, location etc...

I will log lots of stuff but not much will be put to use in 1.0 except for basic daily stats that will be shown using XF 1.1 stats system.

Anyways that's all off the top of my head just dumping it here. Ideas / needs / wants are welcome.

Brett Peters

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I would suggest starting a new thread in the Resource Discussions forum, rather than derailing this one.

I think that Robbo was picking up where unfortunately this thread ended abruptly, I personally see it as the same thread but now the question is, who will continue with the information contained in this thread to produce a simular mod ? And seing that interest sparked from one of Slavik's comments and Robbo is Slavik's "guy" it all sorta makes a bit of sense... Robbo may be a possible contender but then again it may end up the same and this mod will have to start from scratch again (n) , Or XF will have one more wanted mod under its belt. (y)


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Yes, please have for each add-on a separate thread. Not one thread for each add-on category.


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I would suggest starting a new thread in the Resource Discussions forum, rather than derailing this one.
Yeah I was planning to make a new thread when I structure and actually think through what I am writing. I just read the topic and decided to dump some info at the time. In other words I was lazy :) I will make a new thread next time I post stuff about it.


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This add-on will be completed. I been away from coding since July, IIRC, and will update the XenStaff add-on first to get back into the swing of things, and then begin working on this one. I don't know if XenAms is compatible with 1.1 as I do not use it anymore, but there is no reason it shouldn't be; I know the new Ad Manager is.