Other XenForo - WordPress Developer/Designer for a Bigger Project


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We are looking to build a website that is powered by WordPress, with the forum part served by XenForo (which we currently use).

The main site would be at domain.com, with the forum at community.domain.com or something like that.

We want to have a site wide "social top bar" (the dark blue one) which spawns across the site, both the WP and XF parts.

Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 21.11.19.png

We need to have tight integration overall, for example a single sign-on system (should probably use XF for authentication as we already have some thousands members)?

We do have a design mock-up ready, but it isn't coded into HTML/CSS etc. yet.

We are looking for someone who writes quality code and has some previous work to show us.

Preferably it would be a 2-man team (designer and developer), or a 1-man team if you can handle both aspects.

We have a reasonable budget for this.

Please contact via a private conversation if you think you can help us, or know someone who might be able to. We have approached a number of WP developers, but most of them are clueless with XenForo and maybe finding someone here would be the right way to approach our problem.

Thanks in advance!