Other [well Paid - $1000 additional bonus] Allround-Coder for some specific addons (bigger project)

as the main programmer of our rather big project suddenly resigned out of the blue due to unknown private reasons we are looking for someone who will finish it up.

The project is a relaunch of a ~40.000 members (german) WBB with about 10 site-specific addons (some smaller, some more complicated) where some of them are already finished. The templates of (nearly) all addons are already done as well as some core functionality for site specific things (all missing issues as well as some bugs are tracked via jira).

The main importer for the forum, PN, etc. is also already finished and works properly
but there is also the need for an additional importer for some site-specific data.

What we are looking for is an (prefferable - but not neccessary - also german speaking) allround coder who knows XF (and its core) well and has time for about 2-3 months - we think that the project will take about 150 - 200 additional working hours - we pay well according to a defined arrangement.

Last but not least we also offer a bonus up to $1000 if the project is online before 15.11.2014
For more detailed information, please PN me with references.