Xenforo Tax Info From India

Is here anyone from india who bought XF liscense. So that I came to know the tax percentage from paypal.

As I am a student so dont have much amount in bank :p and will collect according to that.



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I think sales tax/VAT in India is currently 12.36% but don't really know how that works in application of online purchases, either way VAT hurts my brain.

Sadik B

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VAT is an indirect tax collected by the seller. XenForo Ltd applies VAT only for their own tax jurisdiction, which is EU. Paypal is not the seller, they cannot collect VAT on your purchases. So you just have to pay $140 which paypal will charge your credit card converted to local currency, INR.

Paypal's currency rates though are very bad, but that's just a small price you have to be willing to pay for the convenience of their service.


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You do not pay VAT. It's a crappy EU concept for EU customers only.

You don't pay Indian sales tax either. You pay a simple $140 and PayPal deducts their fees from that.