Xenforo Services updates


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Hello to all Xenforo users i am going to introduce a services headache free service.
We need partners to work with us as our team members to developing platform and automation

What actually our service do ?
1- Automatically update Xenforo (Patches etc)
2- Automatically Update Xenforo Plugins (If Paid you have to provide us credentials )
3- Automatically Update Style (If Paid you have to provide us credentials )
4- Daily Malware Shells & Suspicious files scanning
5- Bots & XSS LFI RFI SQLi Attacks (Using Firewall)
6- Linux server hardening (Expert security checkup) Every week or when an update came
7- Modules Configuration
8- Payment integration (Bitcoins / WMZ / OkPay / BitPay / Litecoin / DogeCoin / and other all crypto Currencies )
9- Style Customization
10 (Awaiting for your suggestions )

Client Area Features
1- Client can Add remove their forums
2- Clients can add remove Plugins and sites (to auto download files)
3- Clients can add remove FTP / SSH / SFT Credentials
4- Securely Encrypt users data and store into database
5- Payment management
6- Emails and notifications updates Management