Add-on 'XenForo Resources'... a fully automated installer.

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It's been a long... long time since I started any new XenForo project... I actually had the same idea as Chris' Add-on Installer add-on but couldn't work on it due to my lack of time and before I know it, poof! Chris posted the add-on :D

So I had to rethink my idea and came up with something like this: Just like Wordpress, you can install free add-ons (styles will also be added) tat are available on XenForo Resource section just by a single click :D

The system will be fully automated, using my own API that I have come up with, so you will be notified (via mail, notice in in ACP, notice in Public (only be shown to admins with the right permission)) and just by a click, the add-ons will be upgraded. And of-course I am thinking of making this add-on free as this should be added to the core and valid customers of XenForo have the right to use such feature ;)

So I want to know if people are interested in such add-on before I continue my development as I don't want my time contributed for this add-on to go to waste.

And the last thing I want to mention is that any amount of donation is welcomed for this project as I have to run my server to give services (as the API will contact, and not for the files and details). And if this add-on gets a hit and a large number of data is transferred (which will definitely use loads of resources) I have to move to a dedicated (or a better VPS) server.

Thanks! :)
Off the top of my head, what would prevent someone who doesn't own a XF license to download the resources through your add-on?

If that makes sense ;p
Yes, I've already thought of that... I can't actually fully prevent it, but all I can do is add a license key field which users will get from me via a PM here at
Did you two go to the same shool or what??? :p

I'd rather have you develop other big add-ons like a RM or CMS:D than spending time on this.
Did you two go to the same shool or what??? :p

I'd rather have you develop other big add-ons like a RM or CMS:D than spending time on this.
lol... we live in two different countries (and I am still a high-school student) :p

And this project is actually bigger than you think. And I am already working on my StoreFront add-on (the Product Manager) ;)
Sounds like an interesting idea. For me personally, I wouldn't be interested. I prefer the way of manually downloading and uploading the add on on my own.

Good luck with it though.
I had the same thought at what point as a natural progression to my add-on. I decided not to proceed with it.

It's an awesome feature - but I believe it's one that can only be awesome if it's in the core. That way it could be done with a proper API that links directly to, it can be controlled so that only licensed members can access it etc.

I was also pretty nervous regarding making it less necessary for people to come here. Coming to the forum, seeing the reviews, reading the comments, knowing how you can receive support is all incredibly important.

Feel free to proceed if you want, but those were my reasons for not progressing that any further.
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