Adding xenforo forum to a laravel system-user login?


I have a system already running in laravel.

I am planning to add forum to it, I am not sure which one to add but so far xenforo looks promising and need to be sure about something before I purchase it.

I plan to install forum as a subdomain or folder and want the user of my laravel system to be able to post/reply (also be a member of forum automatically).Lets forget existing users for now. There will be two databases (or do i keep it one).

So, I was thinking, whenever a new user registers into my laravel site, automatically create user in xenforo database as well using api call passing username, password and some default values. The username/password has be same for both system all the time i guess.

And when logged in user (laravel system) tries to access forum, call api and automatically sign in user to forum (using api) but for this I think i will have to pass some sensitive information of user through api (from laravel system to xenforo to start session or to authenticate) which i find not that good for security.

Or there can be any other better approach.

I see that there are lots of discussion for trying to use xenforo user automatically into laravel but my case is opposite.

Is there any standard tutorials, add ons(even can be paid) available for what I am trying to achieve.

I am thinking of hiring a developer for it (I do some programming as well), but still confused little bit about logic, need to be clear about that or if it is already there why to bother.
Any suggestions?
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