Lack of interest Xenforo Resource Manager, more detailed moderation

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Nicky Vermeersch

Active member
I always moderate the resources submitted to me before they are publicly available, and I experience a few issues with that:

The moderation queue only shows me the 'Title', the user who posted the resource, the message, and which action I would like to take.

Could it be possible to have this a bit more detailed, such as:

- Knowing what the resource is before you allow it to be put up. (screenshot = preview thumbnail?) and knowing what the url is, in case the user put an external download link?

- Knowing what url he used for: 'Additional Information URL:' and 'Alternative Support URL:'

The same I'd like to see in case a user puts up an update, as they can suddenly change the external download link if they'd so please. I would love to moderate the update as well, while being able to see what new url/contect the user would link to.
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