xenForo Proves it, Facebook is TWICE as good as Twitter :D


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I've been looking at this counter now for a few days and it looks like this:

If you multiply 54 by 2 you get 108, so Facebook is twice as good as Twitter :D


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If it weren't for the missed opportunity of spamming my sites on yet another platform, I wouldn't have thought twice about creating a twitter account. I really truly wish twitter didn't exist. I see no real good use for it. But, that's only one man's opinion


Maybe your audience aren't twitter people, and maybe Facebook has 500million but twitter has 250million users ..
If it is better, quite questionable.

If you really want to double your clicks on facebook, just add the word farmville next to the button - that should increase it rather quickly. Their OCD-IQ will have no problem auto clicking anything with the word farmville on it. Just like WoW gold diggers