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Not sure whether this question or thread has been asked/created but I thought I'd ask regardless. I noticed the xenoforo.org domain points to these forums. Question is (you just know this is coming) will the org be a enhancements resource site like what vbulletin.org have? Such as modifications, graphic sets, tutorials etc...


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I'm pretty sure I read they want the modifications hosted on this site as well, not on .org or anything like vB does.


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Kier has stated in another thread that the mod community will be hosted here in the community forums. .org was likely purchased and points here so that no one else could have that domain.


Kier beat me to the punch :p


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We have only registered .org, .net and .co.uk so that we own them. We plan to host the add-on community right here at xenforo.com/community rather than hiding them away on a separate site.
By doing this (I agree, tho), you'll need to modify what many will view as your "main" demo for this product. I always find it extremely hard to find a modification (or software, anything really) with just a list. Categorized by xF version, category, etc. is a must. That to me is the advantage of hosting modifications elsewhere (although, maybe possibly, run a "networked" site where everyone already has accounts, etc.), but being official. There is a clear distinction between what comes with the software, and what comes from a modification. I do find it rather counter-productive though to have a completely separate site where you have to re-register, that is run by someone else, and to not be on the latest version. Basically, both have advantages / disadvantages, but a clear, easy to manage, easy to use system needs to be in place for the modifications listing.


Hey King, nice to see you here. And I am sure some customization might be made possible to make it a bit more of a 'marketplace'