Xenforo on sale at $110! Get it nowwwwww


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I just picked up another license plus added branding free while there. :D

If anybody else with multiple licenses is wondering.... no, the bulk discount was not applied which means no really cheap licenses. ;)


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Already? I was waiting for midnight too. In that case I will do it right now.

I was fretting because I said I'd come back to xenforo yesterday and then I realized my license was expired lol.

I guess this will count as my re-entry back into the support forum. ;)

EDIT: Yup, now I'm re-licensed :cool:


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No, I meant 2.0. :)
I'd like to see some more features and confidence in the product.
I don't want to rely on paid addons and later find them unsupported or deleted..
I used to think the same, but I have come to realise that I would rather have a "feature lacking" platform that is working and userfriendly and rely on addons, than using something that is buggy and userhostile. I have been using a compeding product for years and while it is now working and stable, many of my users just think its too complicated, so they dont... they cant figure out how to find and follow up on their posts