What am I doing wrong? Just installed Xenforo on my own webserver


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Im going to be completely honest, I have no idea how I even got this far. I installed the XAMPP control panel V3.2.1. This came with apache, mysql, filezilla, mercury and tomcat. Im pretty sure I do not have my FileZilla connected correctly. If I stop apache, shouldn't the filezilla stop working? Regardless that is not my issue.

I have 2 computers, one has my web server on it, and the other one which is on the same ip, i use for testing. I type in the ip of my computer running my web server on my second computer. And i get this,

Now when i click the home button on Xenforo, right next to forums. It does this.

When I click the same home button on my computer running the web server I get this.

I have no idea what im doing and am very surprised to have gotten this far. I have never ran a web server, nor had any of the software to run one. Also just heard about MYsql yesterday. I am pretty sure it has to do with the directory in Apache. The directory that all my xferno files are in is C:/shared /
Here is what my http.config looks like for Apache.

When going through my forums on the computer that is local, yet not hosting the web server. I can navigate through the forums properly, with the only exception of clicking the home button. That is when i run into problems. Also I already have a domain pointing at My ip address. I hosted a notpad.html file on it yesterday and was able to access it from an outside computer. Now my domain points to a blank white page. With nothing on it. I have not called my isp and done anything different. I am using a dynamic ip atm, once this is all configured and working, i will switch to a static. Please remember when talking to me, this is my second day working on it, i have no idea how the FTP works, how appache works, none of it, dont care to know atm, i will learn it all soon enough. I just want to get XenForo up on my computer where others can access it for now. Have friends who need to help me with my project. When speaking to me lol, act like i have no idea what your talking about please :)


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I installed the XAMPP control panel V3.2.1.
That's the problem. XAMPP is not intended to use at production server. Even if you can solve this problem, you will run another problem.

BTW, of course you cant open "Home" because it point to "localhost" It will call "localhost" from your remote computer, not server. :)


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Ok, i just forwarded my domain to my ip address with masking. My friends can now get on the forums, and create accounts and post. But the only thing is that dang Home button keeps going to local host? how do i fix this?


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Ok so I think that fixed it? Does this sound right? When I click the home button, i get the same screen as if I clicked the forums button?