XenForo on PHP7


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Working without any problem on my forum for months. Have more than 90 addons and with @eva2000 centmin mod everything works OK
Including latest stable nginx, php, mariaDB, elasticsearch...

Jake B.

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I get these errors under php 7.1, but don't get them on 7.0. Any ideas?
Are you using the latest version of UI.X (Both the add-on and style)? We added PHP 7.1 support a couple of versions back. If you are and still get errors go ahead and make a ticket at themehouse.com and we can take a look :)
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Just upgraded to PHP 7.0.22 and everything seems to be working well on all my sites including my Xenforo forum. I'll have to wait until Ubuntu 18.04 LTS comes out to upgrade to a higher version of PHP as I only ever run the LTS server releases on my VPS. Hopefully by then any problems with recent versions of PHP will be fixed.