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Xenforo looks a lot better in Firefox versus IE 8


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Yup Xenforo definitely looks better in firefox but for me IE8 render xenforo pages way faster than firefox, the difference between IE8 and firefox 3.6.14 is alot more noticeable in xenforo forums than vB forums or on wordpress sites!


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I do a lot of cut and pasting of visitor data from the who's online list on vB as part of management, IE has always worked better for that task, in fact perfectly versus other browsers like Firefox or Opera.

a legacy reborn

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Its the new browser cycle. I feel like chrome updates each time I launch it. Firefox has settled into a new I think 2 month release plan. They are going to be updating them all quite frequently.
Yea, but I never thought they would go to an entirely new number I mean 9.x.x would be fine every other day but 10 this soon?


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LOL, I just had a 16 part auto update of Windows XP Home SP 3 yesterday, I guess they don't automatically update IE then !!

You guys might hate M$, but IE still is the browser most folks hit your sites with !!

Right ??

PS: Not all of us can afford MAC's like you geeks can, we have to suffer with pawn shop boxes !!

PPS: I have a couple of old G4 macs but apparently don't have a clue how to get the Tiger OSX back on them, I think they lack needed memory, plus once online Apple automatic updates crashed them dead.


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Interesting thing I saw with IE10 announce was they won't even support Vista with it. I guess Win8 is coming soon but still an interesting decision.


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I hate IE as a browser, last version I used a lot which I did enjoy using was IE6. After that it all went downhill fast! I only ever use IE8 (updated from 6) for testing site viewing changes only with it, same with Chrome as well. Just so I can check if the forum is cross-browser compatible with those 3 major browser used by people.

FireFox is the best.


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Yea, but I never thought they would go to an entirely new number I mean 9.x.x would be fine every other day but 10 this soon?
It's only a Tech Community Preview, it doesn't even have any browser chrome, it's just literally a rendering engine so that web developers can see how it works and plan ahead. IE10 itself won't release for another 18 or so months, and I wouldn't think that we will even see beta's for another 10 or so months, let alone any RCs.