Xenforo licensed users problem


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we have an online game community, and some of us have access to the admin CP which was given to us by the admin, we don't want to bother our admin with every question that we have regarding xenforo, we just moved to xenforo from vbulletin, and some of the question we want to ask can be answered only here, but some sections here are limited to licensed users only - which is absurd in my opinion, i can't ask the questions i want to improve our forum, and our users experience, and I have to relay on other user question threads....

please do something about it, im pretty sure there are bunch of other people like me.

Chris D

XenForo developer
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We have a solution for that already.

The owner of the license can add up to 5 forum users which are allowed to be treated the same on this forum as other licensed customers. They just need to log in and go to the "Forum users" section and add the desired names.