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What happens on the install option? If I buy Xenforo and Media gallery at the same time will both be installed? After the install does it look like your demo that I have been testing?

I also get the error when I run the test script, is this error OK to run with?

Sorry Noob here



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Yes, we will install the core software and any official add-ons as part of the installation service.

The online demo is how a default installation appears so yes, it would look like that.

The erorr with the script means you wouldn't be able to install.
Are you checking with a free host or has the host disabled some basic PHP functions?
What program would this be testing? Is it getting the problem from PHP? They are using Version of Perl: 5.8.8, PHP 5.5, Version of Python: 2.5, Current MySQL Version: 5.5.32,
  • CGI Languages supported: Perl and Python

Are any PHP functions disabled?

The script isn't executing correctly so if the version is OK, which it appears to be, that would be my next guess.
This is the reply from Netfirms. Is there any other test that can confirm it? I would really like to buy Xenforo and get it up and running.



Thank you for contacting Support.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Currently, we the MySql version supported on our server is 5.4. However, I checked your issue with one of our Technical specialists and confirmed that all application tags are already 'ON'. Therefore, I suggest that you contact the application provider regarding the error.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us. We are available 24x7.


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From that output it would seem to me like PHP isn't even running.

If you create a PHP file named info.php with the following contents:



And then navigate to that page, what's the output? (Link to it if possible).
Just to be clear, how are you executing the file on your host?

Is the hosting publicly accessible, if so what is the URL to the info.php file or requirements script you uploaded?
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