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Need some urgent assistance with our default mail server. For the past year we have had consistent issues with our server being unable to send emails SMTP out to @gmail.com related emails only.

We have made a variety of changes the latest being recommended here: https://xenforo.com/community/threa...ng-emails-from-my-server.202486/#post-1558054. However we're still having issues as despite this fixing the issue temporarily, google again makes an update it and blocks our ability to send emails to users using the default xenforo mailer through our server.

2 things I need:

1. Review and try to fix the current issue with our mailing server
2. Setup an affordable 3rd party SMTP service to send mails as a backup or primary solution.

I do need this done urgently as we're currently blocked by gmail.
You should not use your server to send emails since you are risking deliverability issues (just like you mentioned) and also risk your domain being flagged as a spam domain, a reputation that is very difficult to erase.

Instead you should use an email delivery service. One of the more reputable ones for high deliverability is Sendgrid. After you sign up with them you simply enter their API credentials in the XF email configuration options and you're ready to go.

If you still need hired help then feel free to be in touch.

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@Wesker, look into Amazon SES.
I usually rolled my own mail server... but honestly for the price and the deliverability I couldn't beat SES for sending.
You WILL need a separate provider to receive your domain emails from for bounced and what-not. I was lucky enough to have an account at ZoHo that even my "free" level allows me to use SMTP and POP/IMAP for the base domain (SES sends from a subdomain)... but I think the newer signups requires you to have a paid account to utilize POP/IMAP for checking email..
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