XF 1.5 Xenforo Database - Admin Logs


My forum was recently compromised by hackers, and I'm digging for the entry point the attackers used, while going through the xf_admin_log database I found what I beleive may have been the start of the attack, with a log entered under the user ID 0, this is the only occurence of this user id anywhere in this log, does anyone know what account it might be referencing?

I know the user ID of the main administrator account is 1, and following users are 2,3,4... so what is 0?

Mods, I noticed after posting this may not be the best section for this, but felt it was close to the intent of this section, please feel free to move this post if you think it would fit elsewhere better.
I have replied to your conversation requesting some data/logs.

We can continue there.

To answer the specific question though, a user ID of 0 is a guest.
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