XF 2.2 Cannot upgrade 1.5 to 2.2 until "all XenForo database tables are removed"


I've copied all of my XF 1.5 stuff over to a staging server and that's working great. The DB imports and everything works fine.

I've downloaded the xenforo_2.2.8-Patch-1_xxxxxx_xxxxx_upgrade and followed the instructions. When I get to the install page, I am told

Oops! We ran into some problems.​

You cannot proceed unless all XenForo database tables are removed."

I don't want to delete all old threads, users, etc...just trying to update from 1.5. to 2.2.

Googling and searching here, it was suggested to make sure that install-lock.php is there, but i don't want to lock the installation, i want to upgrade to 2.2

any ideas? thanks!

(if i proceed with deleting all the xenforo database tables, I'm able to upgrade to 2.2 without issue)
The install-lock.php is there to protect you, not prevent an upgrade.
Put the install-lock.php file back in place and try again.

If the install-lock.php file is not there, it will attempt a fresh installation....
I usually upload the zip package to a staging area on the server and then just copy the contents of the upload folder right into the directory where XF is running from, overwriting/replacing files with the new file versions.
I do the same. I usually upload the ZIP to a hidden directory, unzip it, then copy everything from the /upload directory to the forum's directory using the command line. I can't imagine using FTP to do this--it is too prone to failure and confusion, and takes too long due to thousands of files being uploaded vs. one.
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