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Brad P

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Really easy going and did a fantastic job on fixing some edits on my current style, thank you very much.
Highley recommended.


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I had the pleasure to hire @JustinHawk he is very professionnel and very helpful and always present to reply my inquiries he did a great work to install my forum and issure the security
I recommand this guy 😉
I had an add-on from a developer whom I no longer have contact info for. The add-on began to malfunction after an update to XF software. @JustinHawk worked out the issues for me for a reasonable price. The add-on now works as it was designed to do. Would/will work with again!


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We've worked with @JustinHawk for over half a year now and he's been one of the best developers we've had the pleasure of working with. We have engaged Justin for custom addon works, server upgrades, and version upgrade of Xenforo from 1.5 to 2.2.

So far, we have not been let down.

When handling custom addons, sometimes, we require a pivot in the direction of the development to better suit our users' needs. Justin has come through time and time again, taking the time to understand why our needs have changed, and incorporating the changes required.

When we hit roadblocks, Justin offers solid advice and alternatives on how we can overcome each challenge. He's made the process of developing features and enhancements much easier, by being willing to share how we can make use of different technologies to achieve our end goal.

Just weeks ago, we entrusted the upgrade job for XF 1.5 to XF 2.2 to Justin. The work was done splendidly. Just imagine waking up to find the settings were complete and the site was back up and running without a single hiccup. It was a fantastic feeling knowing that everything had been taken care of.

Justin has proven to be a very reliable developer and is someone who will do what is needed to give you the product you require. If you have work that needs someone to take a proactive stance, Justin would be on top of our list.

- Mac and Rachel