xenForo Conference? :D

I shall speak for whom eveer it applies to. Just saying.
And there are people like myself who has worked on over 50+ Forums hehehe , owns one of the top forums (According to Alexa) and who's age is 18+ :) College

Maybe the time but not the money or vice versa ;)
Heheh , Should try now with Online Chat or Group Chat ... Best way i deal

I think we could probably organise some sort of XenForo gathering around Christmas :)
Best Thing Developer ..... :) But i really want the Script to be released as i really want to see the Template and Plugin System :)
When will it be released^^

If a conference happens, could you plan the conference in Hawaii? :cool:

It will give most of us good excuses to take a paid-vacation and/or get away from life for a bit. :cool:
Hawaii would be nice but I'd prefer to be able to just drive to the venue being from the UK hehe....

And not in a pub, as we can all go to a pub afterwards easily enough :D best keep things professional during the daytime if it is a conference rather than a just a meet up :)
WordPress has its WordCamp meetings and conferences.
Why not have the same for XF ?

Would be cool to have XF-Forum-webmaster meetings...... organized by individual members per country
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