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XenForo Censorship

Discussion in 'General XenForo Discussion and Feedback' started by Chime, Jan 11, 2013.

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  1. Chime

    Chime Member


    I am concerned about the censorship tactic that XF is taking, Time after time I find myself in a situation that can only be described as valid information/discussions being cleaned up or locked and I am left to think WTF.

    The most resent upset for me was the California case thread got locked due to valid speculation regarding the stopped development of XF, Sure, Sure it is speculation but also contains fact. XF has halted development.

    So with all this censorship how am I supposed to way up a conclusion ? Does XF stand for the cause or is it now after a buck ? ATM I just don't know (no need for a mod to quote kiers post as that could mean either)

    I suggest allowing such speculation or either seize sales or have the dev team be vocal once again, not just because I am a customer but I do wonder about deals that night be done and information being transferred over.

    Yes, Yes the mods do their best and the fanboys alter to the best of the company, but spill the beans already or let the valid discussions that you tarnish as speculation to continue.

    As a customer I feel it only fit to suggest/ask.

    Oh and Jake, have you been paid by money/gifts or barter by Xf ? (no disrespect intended, just wondering)

    /frustrated suggestion
  2. James

    James Well-Known Member

    You're surprised that a thread about a lawsuit gets closed due to speculation regarding the development or employment of XenForo? Personally I'd rather the thread be closed than deleted, seeing as that thread isn't a place for drama regarding the development.
    The term here is off-topic posting.
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  3. Russ

    Russ Well-Known Member

    One big fat wrong word in your post... speculation, to much speculation and not enough facts so it will go around and round if it doesn't get locked. . Yes XF dev has halted, they're not hiding that they even announced it.

    Kier said himself: "We're not fighting for nothing".

    As for the Court case being locked, not sure how long you've been watching the thread but it periodically gets closed when nothing but off-topic blabbering goes on. I believe all the mods work completely free.
  4. Chime

    Chime Member

    My term would be "conversation" or maybe "disagreement".
    Just because a Moderator thinks/says or gives an opinion on a court desission does not mean it to be true, or does it?
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  5. MagnusB

    MagnusB Well-Known Member

    That topic has derailed multiple times and been heavy moderated due to insults and name calling. This is why they open it when something new happens, then close it when discussion is getting derailed again.
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  6. Chime

    Chime Member

    Speculation and halted = not speculation

    Been watching, reffering to OP WTF reference.

    Kier said, ^^OP for what Kier said.

    You may believe but please reffering to Peggy receiving a free lic
  7. Chime

    Chime Member

    I have no problem with moderating the name calling, but atleast allow a discussion thread, What we are not supposed to have concerns ? Oh what whatever happened to that thread? Point being we have no official outlet to discuss amongst ourselves so to me it is wrong to continue sales if that is in fact the case.
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  8. Chris D

    Chris D XenForo Developer Staff Member

    What on earth did you just say?

    I didn't see the removed content, but in cases before where I have seen content disappear it has been for good reason. If the comments being made could be damaging to the company because they contain speculation that some people may read and relay on as fact, then quite rightly they should be deleted.

    I've seen this happen. I've seen comments made by certain people as speculation which then I read on another forum stated as fact. And it's this that's far too damaging for the company to be allowed. If you mix in there heated discussion, arguing, and name-calling, that's not censorship.
  9. Russ

    Russ Well-Known Member

    What does it matter if they are gifted a license, $140 value for putting in how many hours moderating silly posts? That is still working for free in my eyes.

    As for concerns, we all have concerns and we've all begged for answers but it's clear they don't want to answer certain things currently, I've gotten over it, hopefully you will too :). The touches of the mad towns people have come and gone, we've all realized it's a lost cause to get definite answers around here (y).
  10. Chime

    Chime Member

    Chris, If it can be construed as damaging to a company that is going through a current law suit regarding conversations towards halted production then I only see two options, forgive me if I am narrow minded.

    1.) lawsuit stipulates a halt on a production halt so in which case IMHO sales should be halted.
    2.) else, Allow reasonable discussion/stipulation regarding said halted production.

    For me it is just hard to digest XF going from a dev active community to appointed moderators that occasionally may speak on behalf of XF, Once again no disrespect intended but with so much uncertainty it is hard to take at face value.

    For some this may be a hobby but for us this is a seriouse concern and ATM are looking at dropping a site or getting some answers which I don't think are unreasonable due to the current uncertany.
  11. James

    James Well-Known Member

    I'm sure Peggy, being a moderator at the time, was an alpha tester of the software. I had a conversation with her regarding it in 2010. If she received a free licence maybe that had something to do with it.
  12. Chris D

    Chris D XenForo Developer Staff Member

    The lawsuit is nearly over one way or another. Just wait and be patient.

    Did you buy your first license around the time that you registered here? April 2012?

    You know this has been going on for over two years, right? You'll be incredibly lucky because you'll probably see this all over and done with before your license even needs renewing.
  13. Chime

    Chime Member

    And I do not disagree, but IMHO my question to Jake I feel was valid with all the uncertainty regarding XF for us to use the answer towards our decision.

    Good to know that you spoke to her 3 years ago though.
  14. Lawrence

    Lawrence Well-Known Member

    XenForo will not be 3 years old until the fall of this year.
  15. Chime

    Chime Member

    Hey, thought you through in the towl. Good to see you stuck it out.

    As a XF mod replying to this thread it does not help that you fail to address anything in th OP as they are concerns from a customer, please forgive me in my time frame estimation regarding a separate post which was also somewhat off topic, please feel fee to move any off topic posts from this thread.
  16. Chime

    Chime Member

    Lol, love the sig
  17. Slavik

    Slavik XenForo Moderator Staff Member

    Having just got up and read the thread.

    It was heading down the same road as it generally does, with people just bickering, so yes, locking it was probably the right thing to do. There is no point at the moment in speculating. However, all the evidence thus far is in XenForo's favor. IB even stated in a recent document they felt prejudiced agaisnt the move for summary judgement due to the "Already favorable" possition that XF was in.
  18. Chime

    Chime Member

    Slavic, thanks for the reply but unfortunately I have to state that it does not address much regarding the OP, sure it sounds good to future customers but does not help us much as existing customers who start a thread like this one.

    No disrespect but to us that was borderline off topic.
  19. Chris D

    Chris D XenForo Developer Staff Member

    But nonetheless off topic.

    I think it's probably time to get over it and carry on with your life (y)
  20. Chime

    Chime Member

    Chri's, Don't worry bout that one.
    For this we will have to disagree, Maybe you could start your own thread but this thread was for us to get a better insight into the future of XF and to share a concer or two.

    We never demanded and were IMHO rather polite, was no real need to be derailed at nearly every turn or for a mod/XF rep to comment with a separate agenda, our thread might be not of the liking of most but please respect it so it can serve a purpose rather than cheap insults.
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