XF 2.2 Censorship and funny moments


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I dont like it, if people at links to the website Blablablub;
so I have a regex in options to replace Blablablub with Hahaha.

Wenn I try now to find any needle "Blablablub" with the search, i found all posts with "Hahaha".

Should it be like that?

Means that also my search-term is regexed, before we do the search.
Should it be like that?

What it means is the word is actually translated in the search so it finds hahaha even though it was originally written as hahaha and a censored version of blablablub. Not ideal and it does seem bug-like but I imagine it is inevitable.

The odd thing is that blablabub is still in the database because if you edit a post that was censored to hahaha you still see blablablub

EDIT: just tested and it is indeed a search blablablub and finding lots of hahaha but not the test post that was blablablablub censored to hahaha
I have deleted all needles with "blablablub".
By hand and/or by "search and replace add-on".

But to be sure, that all needles are deleted, I have tried to search one more time.
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