Xenforo bugged up! HELP

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Ok, I've Recently purchased Xenforo and im having some problems ;/ IT was working fine up until know.. i guess it bugged it's self?! Everytime i go to a page on teh forums it just redirects to my homepage for example i'll go to

"http://slayerelite.com/forums/" > "Information And News"
and it will just redierct the link to "http://slayerelite.com/forums/forums/3/" Idk why it's adding an extra "Forums" I dont think it did that before, but it's not going to the section it's just going to the homepage, Even when i click "staff " it goes to the homepage.. Can you help me? Main section is slayerelite.com


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The pre-sales forum is not for support.

In addition, it would appear you are using a nulled copy of the software as the copyright link doesn't work.
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