MG 2.2 Xenforo as private image hosting platform


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Trying to find a way to use Xenforo as a private image hosting platform, i.e. users to be able to simply add private media and everybody with the link to able to view it.

It is important that links to such media are not publicly visible and not indexed by search engines.

Is this achievable using Xenforo Media Gallery's personal albums with Can view media items: Everyone privilege?

Another thing that bothers me is that it would be so easy to guess URLs of such private albums, because they all have format. When you upload media to image hosting platforms, they have not-easy-to-guess URL like

Chris D

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Definitely not something XF or XFMG would be able to do out of the box. You would need a different solution entirely or custom development.


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I did consider Chevereto, but then would have to somehow integrate users with Xenforo...

It's better if XFMG could be adjusted using add-on to behave like this, but not sure is that possible. Probably it would require altering some logic inside XFMG core itself, like adding option to disable incremental number URLs and provide random ones.