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Give it to me already!

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This thread is not the correct place for support and troubleshooting.

You will need to post a new thread in the correct forum.

Mr Lucky

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But when you consider you can just paste the link into the editor, it's hardly an important button.
This won't work if we have auto embed disabled

We either need the media button in plain view or an option to edit the post icons so we can do it ourselves


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I'm not a fan of the always logged in box being ticked by default, a security feature like that should always be opt-in, not opt-out to me
It used to be unchecked by default before, but I had to modify the template to make it checked in my forum. The reason was, many members used to complain that that it logs them out every now and then. Mostly, when they read a long post and replies on the same page (longer than the session expiration time), then try to reply, their replies wont be posted. Also, since they were logged out, so the draft wont be saved either. I had to educate so many people that I ended up making that change in the template eventually.