XenForo 1.0.0 Beta 3 Released


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Today, we are proud to present the third public beta release of XenForo 1.0.0. Our work to complete functionality and resolve bugs is ongoing, but we have reached a point where it is prudent to package-up what we have done so far and allow customers to benefit from its changes.

All licensed customers may now download the new version from the customer area.

Installation and upgrade instructions follow this message.

This is Beta Software

Please remember that this is beta software. It contains known bugs and incomplete functionality. We do not recommend running beta software in a production environment, and support is limited at this time to questions here on the community forums.

If you choose to run beta software, it is your responsibility to ensure that you make a backup of your data.

Notable Changes

While there are too many changes to list individually and the majority of those are bug fixes, there are some major changes and useful improvements we would like to highlight.


IP addresses of both members and guests can now be viewed from the Current Visitors page, if the viewing user has the appropriate IP viewing privileges.​
The WYSIWYG text editor now includes buttons for quoting and pre-formatted code insertion.​
Help for Add-on Developers

The external 'data' path is now available through code using XenForo_Helper_File::getExternalDataPath(). It is also configurable in config.php using $config['externalDataPath'].​

The file extension of attached files is now exposed as $attachment['extension'] when attached files are fetched as an array.​
A framework for 'template events' now exists, although the default templates do not make use of it yet. This will eventually allow add-ons to add their own content to templates in a programatic manner.​

Style Properties

Lots more of the CSS has been adapted to make use of the Style Properties system, so far more wide-reaching style edits can now be made using on the Style Property edits, without editing CSS templates directly.​

The conversion of all the CSS that is going to be converted to use Style Properties is an ongoing task, and we would appreciate feedback from those making use of the system as to how they are finding the implementation so far, as this will influence how we approach future transitions from CSS to Style Properties.​

The importer system has undergone another round of performance enhancements and problem resolution. It should work faster and more reliably as a result.​

Upgrade Package Download
When downloading XenForo, you now have the option to download an "upgrade package". This simply removes a few files or directories that should not be uploaded when you are doing an upgrade. As an example, the data and internal_data directories are not included in the upgrade package as when doing an upgrade, the contents are not important. Additionally, the default .htaccess file is not included in the upgrade package, ensuring that any changes you make to it are maintained across upgrades.​
If you download the upgrade package to do a fresh install, you will simply have to create the data and internal_data directories manually.​


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Installation Instructions

To install XenForo, you will need to extract the zip and upload all the files from the contained upload directory onto your web server. You may upload into your web root, or any folder within the web root. This shall be referred to as your XenForo Directory.

Having uploaded the necessary files, you should direct your web browser to the URL that corresponds to your XenForo Directory and add '/install' to the address (eg: http://www.example.com/xenforo/install). This will trigger the installation process, which will guide you through the necessary steps to get a working XenForo installation running on your server.

Please note that the installation routine will direct you to ensure that the data and internal_data directories within your XenForo Directory are writeable by the webserver (ie: chmod 0777).


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Upgrade Instructions

To upgrade an existing XenForo installation, you will need to extract the zip and upload all files within the upload directory to your existing XenForo Directory, overwriting all files.

Note that you should ensure that the data and internal_data directories remain writable by the webserver (ie: chmod 0777). In most cases, they should remain writable and you should not need to take action. You should always ensure that the contents of the data and internal_data directories are maintained when upgrading (ensure that folders are merged!).

Once the files are uploaded, your XenForo installation will automatically be closed until the upgrade is complete. To begin the upgrade, go to the URL that corresponds to <your XenForo Directory>/install (eg: http://www.example.com/xenforo/install). You will be instructed to login as an administrator and guided through the steps. Once the upgrade is complete, your XenForo will automatically be reopened.