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XenFacil Birthday Greetings 4.4b

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I installed this addon, but although I did not select the usergroup unregistered, the birthday block on the sidebar is visible for unregistered users.

See screenshots. How can I fix this?


Are there any plans to update this to XF2? Its one of the most popular suggestions for XF with well over 100 votes in the suggestions forum.

Great add-on, thanks!

Two questions:
  1. If I set "Cut-off days" to 60, does it mean that only users who have shown some activity in the last 60 days will receive a greeting? How can I disable this so everyone gets a bd greeting? ( i see max is 720 days)

I need also a different cut-off time than max 730. This addon is a great way to reactivate passive users. You should leave it up the admins, how long the cut-off time shall be. ;)

Where is this hardcoded in the code? Where can I change it/delete this limitation?

I do think that I found it. At least I can put now in ACP higher numbers than 730 in this cut-off field.

Go with phpmyadmin in your database. Make a search for "birthday". Open the table "xf_option". See the row in green. Click on on the left on the pencil and change the number "730" in the red box on this screenshot to whatever you want it to. I put 10000 in that field. :)

Save it.


Then go in Xenforo/ACP/options/XenFacil Birthday Greetings and change the number in the field for cut-off days to any number below i.e. 10000 (or whatever you set your maximaum in the database)

Hope that helps others too.
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