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Unmaintained XenFacil Birthday Greetings 4.4b

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Where i can change text that is sent from?
Edit phrases (into your language):
  1. xfbg_felicidades_html,
  2. xfbg_felicidades_html_title,
  3. and xfbg_felicidades_txt.
for no email received: phrases
  1. xfbg_noEmail_sitio,
  2. xfbg_noEmail_sitio_txt.
  3. and xfbg_felicidades phrase.
I think there is something wrong with the cron. It is not sending out emails automatically.
It runs at 00:00 hours af every day (server zone).
As it turns out the problem was with the server time which is western US and the forum time being Brazil, it was a difference of over 8 hours. Now it is working fine after I adjusted for the difference in times.
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