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Allan updated XenCore Tools - ThemesCorp.com with a new update entry:

Fix bugs and add more features - 3.0.1

Fix bugs and add more features:

- Fix bug when sidebar is at left adn sticky option enable
- Fix bug with floating navigation register (bad link)
- Fix bug in Template Modification for dispaly Font Awesome Icon in Postbit
- Fix bug Font Awesome icon before Title staff online block
- Fix bug when use lef sidebar + collapse option

- Add Font Awesome icon in "Account drop down menu" option to Two Step Verification
- Add Font Awesome icon in sub-navbar for "New Profile Posts"
- Add...
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Horizontal postbit seems to be a mix between horizontal and vertical. I only use horizontal postbit. Nothing vertical at the left.
I amm using the latest version of XF and theme UI.X and UI.X Dark

I cannot get Discussions & Messages statistics in own column on forum list to work properly as instead of arrangging discussions and views in its own column, it insteads messily puts it under the Forumm Description

Please, open a ticket on ThemesCorp.com.
Ok I did as you asked...

Pity, you cant reply here, so others with the same issues can get a solution without going through a ticket system... I threw tickets out the window years ago... more work for support and end users... Its like Alcohol free beer... A reply without the reply

UPDATE: Still waiting for a reply on the ticket.... You could have helped me here and it would have been settled now...
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I didnt do my due diligence when purchasing the product... Normally I check the "discussions" to see how active support is....
@Cylent1 you definitely waited long enough for a reply that never came!


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How to buy? The button is not functioning! Maybe it's me?
Button takes you to their website, if not themescorp.com and find it on the products there.

If using a custom theme I'm guessing it will break things and you'll need to manually fix those too?


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Please can you let's me know that does XenCore Framework and XenCore Tools are have same options?

Please can you add options to Shows a member's local time on footer?