xen:require css= or xen:edithint template= ??

steven s

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When adding css to a template, what is the difference between

<xen:require css=test.css /> and <xen:edithint template=test.css />


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The "edithint" tag is used to give a hint to the IDE about related templates when you are editing via WebDAV. Editors like Dreamweaver will pre-fetch those related templates when you open a particular template for editing.
It's used by the editor in the admin CP too, to add additional tabs. Generally speaking, edithint is only used for stuff that you would logically want to edit (eg, something that could be 2 levels of includes down) or something that was already included globally (such as the header CSS).


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<xen:require css="" /> will include a css template.

<xen:edithint template="" /> will just load that template in a tab in the ACP to make it easier to refer to it if you need to.

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steven s

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So they do essentially the same thing?
I like the idea of having it in the tab associated with the template.

steven s

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OK, Got it now.
Either way it will appear in the ACP tab but only require css is used with the template.