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Sniper submitted a new resource:

Xen Photo Contest - Hold photo contest

Photo Contest Script

Cost: $49.99 per domain (After one year $15 to access upgrades), copyright removal $119.

If you register via this link http://www.hardwareforums.com/?g=xen you will gain access to Xen Photo Contest forum. To purchase please PM me or use the forum upgrade feature on hardwareforums.com.

Please excuse lack of any important information I might have left out as this is the first product I'm selling.

You will get a full demo on hardware forums, you can add/edit...

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Disciple of Nagash

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This addon is something I am really interested in, however it does have an extremely high price.

I have some queries, the answers to which will help me decide whether to pay for this:

  • Voting for the winner, how is this done? Ideally the members need the option to change their mind.
  • Is there an option to approve entries by mods (and notify of new entries).
  • Different categories within the competition. For example, I have a one competition with two categories.
  • Option to upload multiple pictures per entry (so pictures of multiple angles can be taken)
  • Anonymous option. So you can set the category to not display the entrants username (for impartial voting)
  • Prize allocation. Ideally integrate with some other addons on here like credits medals, so the winner(s) are automatically granted prizes when the competition ends.
  • Be able to set not just one winner, but second place, third place etc.
  • Auto notify winners
  • Set timeline. So you can set a time period in which members can upload, then a time period in which no further entries can take place but voting can, then a lock date.
I know this is a lot, but for the money being asked I think it is reasonable. In addition I would be willing to assist with any testing.



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I based most of the feature set from the add-on request thread and not go beyond it.

- Voting - uses xenForo built-in like system, so users can Like/Unlike anytime they want.
- I can look into adding moderation
- Not sure what kind of category support your asking for but if there are enough requests then I can look into it but I won't cater for individual requests
- Anonymous option; decent idea, for now users can't see who liked which entry but only see like counts, I can easily add option to not show the author of the entry per contest
- Prize allocation, I will look to use the xenForo trophy system, its on my todo list
- For now it picks the entry with the most likes as the winner, I can look into adding multiple winners but need to know how it would work? e.g. who picks the winners? auto pick top X entries and announce winners? for this feature, really would like more +1 for this to implement.
- Auto notify winners; via email? alert?
- timeline, I've already thought about that, the way I see it working is to let the users upload entries when the contest starts but don't let users vote until date x and prevent votes after date y.


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Wow that price tag is steep for what this actually does. This is one of those "specialty" modifications that a select audience would utilize. I would be a consumer at the top end of $40. $60 I can go out & buy an xbox one game. I will look for future updates & development (hopefully a "special" event sale & then I am in...).

Thanks for bring a highly requested modification to the community.

Bryan Gilchrist

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Contest rules?
Way to list prizes (If any)?
Is there a way to have them verify that they own the rights to the photo they are uploading (so they dont upload some random photo off the internet)?
Is there a way to limit users to liking only one photo?


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@Bryan Gilchrist you can use contest description field where you can list prizes and contest rules. Theres not much you can do to prevent users from stealing photos. Having an option to limit one like per contest can be done.

@ggace sorry but price will stay at its current point, which xbox one game would you buy :p


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Title of this interested me until i saw the price. As I sometimes hold funny pic competitions on my forum.

I currently use the free anonymous posting mod so members can post their pics anonymously and the medals mod with extra paid addon $20 to award the winner a medal automatically when x amount of likes have been reached.

Im sure everything else thsi mod offers can be done via the usergroup/node options

what else is offered for $60


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Most if not all features are listed on the resource page. If you would like it cheaper I would recommend you checkout peopleperhour.com you can probably get it made for $40.

You can actually do a lot more than what you suggested with just forums e.g. If I wanted to create a reviews forum and make look/function like a review script or create a competition thread and award someone with the most likes etc but its not the same as having a dedicated script.

Disciple of Nagash

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Thanks for the reply. As I and many people have said, currently this addon is very expensive, hence asking for more functions. In regards to your response:

  • Voting by likes - this is a problem for me, in competitions people need to have one vote only. Would it be possible you do this?
  • Categories. To clarify it would almost be like to competitions under the main one. So for example I run a forum competition every year called the Golden Bat. In this competition there are various categories such as converting, painting, general etc. Members can make one entry in each category and members can vote once in each category. I appreciate I am only currently asking for this, but I think its addition would help support your price tag.
  • More than one winner. If selected I imagine you would specify how many winners, and the they are automatically determined by number of likes in descending order, with those with the same number of votes are joint winners. So that way you can end up with first place, second place etc.
  • Auto notify - I would have it as option when creating the competition to use alert, email or conversation.
  • I think we have the same idea over the timeline, the addon just need to support variable dates. Ideally you should be able to create the competition in advance and defer the entry opening date.
Most of my suggestions is to make everything as automated as possible because I know from previous competitions they can be time consuming.

Also what are the current options about multiple pictures per entry, is that possible. For example in my competition members are allowed to have a total of three pictures so they can showcase their entry from various angles.

And finally, PS4 all the way :)


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  1. Limiting likes to just one shouldn't be much of a problem, won't take too long
  2. Categories; that seems like a quite specific use-case, could easily take me couple or so days to get working correctly. While it might seem like a easy thing to implement, trust me I was in your position once, as a non-coder and thought yeh this would take someone 2 hours and offer $20, in reality thats not the case. I do like the idea so just need more votes, other wise it would very low priority
  3. That could get tricky, if there are say 3 or four users with the same amount of votes, who comes first, seems like it would need manual intervention of some sorts.
  4. that could work, its gonna take bit of effort to get in there though
  5. that should't be too bad to do the way you said.

Multiple images per entry should be possible, the tricky part is picking the main contest entry image for the contest listing view (listing all entries), easy option would be to ask users ensure the first image they upload is the main one, or start the file with "main-" prefix.

I've adjusted the price slightly, it will be my final adjustment, I would need to reach nearly triple figures in sales to even get close to making up my time.

PS4 +1 :)

Disciple of Nagash

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Pricing adjustment is great - much more inline with what is expected :)

  • Categories - I do work in IT so have some idea over coding :p Basically we are looking at using your existing functionality, so each category would be it's own competition almost will different criteria etc but being able to group them together under one overarching competition name.
  • Users with the same number of votes are just joint for that position. So if you have 79 votes, 50 votes, 50 votes and 25 votes, you would have one first place, two join second place and one third place.
Like I said before, I really like where you are going with this, I just think with a little more tweaks you could really make it great and encourage people to pay what you are asking.

Mike Edge

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Not not one to normally gripe about prices, but I do have to agree it is a bit steep for what it is. If this was around $25.00, I would have purchased it already.

Using the like system is ok, but I think it should be more "vote for this entry".. Now a days with social media so large.. People like everything, they don't think of it as voting.

A setting is needed to allow only one entry to only be voted for if the admin chooses to run the contest that way.

Comments on entries, people love to post input what they like or dislike about photos they vote on

If a prize is include, should be a place before the 1st entry to post it along with any contest rules.


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I've been waiting for something like this as I run a monthly competition, so thanks for you taking the time to take this on! (y)

Features aren't quite there to move me away from my manual process yet, but I'll keep an eye open and see how it develops.

Personally I'd prefer it to use the poll functionality rather than likes. With my current system of using a poll, I can stop them changing their votes which I think is really important.

It also allows members to vote impartially, without having to disclose who they voted for. Sounds daft, but I get more votes on the competition threads when I hide who votes for what.

Also as it's completely based in a thread (apart from the images which are submitted through XenMediaGallery) it promotes interaction over the pictures. If people have to leave the thread to view & vote then they may not come back to comment.

As for several people winning, that's just Sod's law. I've had a couple of competitions with tied votes for first, and I just have to stick my hand in the pocket and pay for two prizes... :oops:

Disciple of Nagash

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I do think using the inbuilt voting system would be much better as there are existing addons that interact with this feature. For example if other medal / trophy systems grant awards on voting, if you are using the inbuilt voting it makes it much easier all round and stops you having to duplicate some of that functionality.

Carla Birch

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Having a quick look at this and it looks like voting is based off image likes, that seem like you can start to like a image soon its posted, having done a great number of photo contests, its better to let users submit the images by a deadline date and then open the voting (likes) so each image as a fair crack at winning.

Also some photo contests need to be closed voting where a select few users pick the winner.

And like others have said comments and share to twitter/facebook and so on.


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I based most of the feature set from the add-on request thread and not go beyond it.
- Anonymous option; decent idea, for now users can't see who liked which entry but only see like counts, I can easily add option to not show the author of the entry per contest
- Auto notify winners; via email? alert?
- timeline, I've already thought about that, the way I see it working is to let the users upload entries when the contest starts but don't let users vote until date x and prevent votes after date y.

These three features are very important! ( especially the last)
I finally found a contest addon, thanks! :)
Now i'm using Photopost Pro software to create contest in my photo site, but i think i will buy your addon if you add at least Timeline feature!
In your forum i also suggested to implement indicator for Closed contest and Winner


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Have started to work on the timeline feature, moderated entries per contest is nearly done :) anonymous authors, limiting number of likes/votes per contest is next.


Looking for a while such addon, I started conding my own one.
However, I am in the same boat as the many here. Way too expansive for my budget! If it was $25, I would have bought it immediately without considering it twice.
But for that price, I'll wait this option to be implemented in Xengallery.

That being said, you did a great work and I wish you a lot of success (and of course sales) with your addon.
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