XF 1.4 xen:link to link to a profile

Mike Creuzer

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Perfect thanks buddy! I searched through the templates, its not done because you generally use xen:user I think, but that wasn't going to work for me.


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It would typically be something like {xen:link members, $user}

But it depends where and how you are trying to use it.
Would something like this work in the welcome conversation message?

I'd like to use a generic link that will always link to the new users profile so they can check it out. Would the following work?

[URL='{xen:link members, $user}']profile[/url]

Chris D

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Nope. xen:link only works inside templates.

There are some placeholders that will work in the welcome conversation.

{id} gets replaced with the user's ID.

Brad Padgett

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@Chris D or @Brogan how do you do this for Xenforo 2?

I want to link a user to the profile via an account_visitor_menu link I'm setting up. I'd like to link them to one of the tabs on member view. I'm editing account_visitor_menu but can't figure out how someone could link to their profile from the menu on Xenforo 2. Thank you if you have time to help.

Brad Padgett

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{{ link('members', $xf.visitor) . '#about' }}
Thank you! That's perfect and works out great. I will try that now.

I'm actually using it as a "manage awards" type deal with [bd] Medal so I will just replace #about with #bdMedal and it should work perfect.

Thanks again! I'm sure this will help someone else :D