XF 1.1 WYSIWYG for editing Pages


I was wondering if there is a WYSIWYG add-on for the Page nodes I am creating.
When I had Joomla!, their CMS had TinyMCE or the optional JCEditor to edit their page nodes (to them they called it Articles).

Its a hassle to switch back n forth on a separate WYSIWYG program converting it to html then copy/paste it to my xenforo. In some cases, the pages wouldn't show up properly probably because of excessive editing and having unnecessary tags that weren't removed.

Edit: I am creating a few webpages for my forum site using Page as Node and Xenporta add-on.

Jake Bunce

XenForo moderator
Staff member
This has been requested before. I don't see any addons for this.

Of course one option is to use any web authoring program to create your content, then copy the source code it generates and paste it into the page node.