Lack of interest Make Xenforo's AutoSave work for EDITING (already-posted) posts too, not just the initial post (draft.)

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ACP > Setup > Options > Messages

"Save drafts every 1 seconds"

^This is an EXCELLENT feature, but it only works for people writing their initial post. This feature doesn't work for people who are EDITING a pre-existing post, wrote 2000 extra words (without pressing Save), then exits that page by accident by clicking the wrong button. When he goes back to that page, those 2000 words have gone missing, even if he refreshes the page, it's not coming back. That means he lost 2000 words that he wrote, because it didn't get saved.

Please MAKE this AutoSave an option for people who are EDITING a post that they ALREADY POSTED.
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Could save it to a “drafts” area or something like that, or save it as an unpublished version of the original post.
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