Chris D

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It's only when you start looking at other WYSIWYG editors that you begin to realise how good TinyMCE actually is.

I know it has problems - but most other WYSIWYG editors have exactly the same problems.

As some of you know, I've got an add-on which allows you to create notifications.

I decided that, rather than a plain textarea, I would have a rich text area that accepted HTML code. So I tried several editors. CKEditor, SCEditor, CLEditor, Redactor, jWYSIWYG... none of them are very good at all - at least no worse than TinyMCE.

In the end, I've decided to implement TinyMCE in my add-on. I'm achieving this by using the version of TinyMCE included with XenForo, but calling it with a completely different set of options and without the XenForo specific plugins. I now have a familiar looking editor (with some options removed) that accepts HTML.



I know it's not perfect, but anything that is a good and functional replacement has to be something special.

Adam Howard

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Off topic, but you sir, just posted enough information... That I may have a job for you


PM sent.... Please think it over.