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Wrong thread start date after import from vBulletin

Dear all ;-)

I installed XenForo on July 11, 2010. After import 6000 threads from vBulletin 3, I noticed all imported threads are shown to be started at July 11, 2010. Can I fix that?

P.S. Birthday of all members are also fixed to July 11, 2010!


XenForo moderator
Staff member
Which version of vBulletin is it? The importer is only guaranteed to work with 3.6/7/8.

Was your vBulletin installation modified in any way?

Did you use the correct importer - the one built in to the software and not the 4.x add-on?

The importer just pulls the information from the relevant database tables & fields so this could indicate a possible issue with those fields.
I noticed another one. All new thread (after import) also appears to start on July 11, 2010. Also interesting is: RecentNews of XenPorta correctly shows the date.


XenForo moderator
Staff member
Did you do the import before or after installing all of the add-ons?

I would recommend doing another test import into a clean, new installation of XenForo to confirm whether it works fine.
Thank you but unlike my initial report, the real problem looks to be UNrelated with import process itself cause all date of threads started after import(even written today) are also fixed to July 11, 2010.

Strange things are:

1. Though all threads appear to be started on July 11, 2010, they are arranged correctly according to date value on thread view.
2. Date shown on tap of RecentNews of XenPorta correctly shows the date.
3. Date appears on Tapatalk correctly.

So I suspect any (cosmetic) disconnection between the variable showing date on forum and real date under that.

Any suggestions would be very appreciated.
Thank you. I tried to rebuild caches without success :-(

Here is another strange thing: I already mentioned that birthday of all members are also fixed to July 11, 2010.
The profile of member registered today: Birthday July 11, 2010 (Age 48)!

Any suggestions?


XenForo moderator
Staff member
Can you list all of the add-ons you have installed?

I suspect it is one of those causing the problem as clearly the importer has nothing to do with new members.
I think I'm approaching the answer. Please help! ;-)

This problem DOES NOT appear when I choose default English language. This problem ONLY appears when I turn on my CUSTOM Korean language set. I created Korean language using English as parent. I just changed some phrase, not touching any deep cut.

Any suggestions?


XenForo moderator
Staff member
Aha, so the dates are correct in the database, they just appear incorrectly when Korean language is selected?

Are these dates not correct though?