XF 1.5 Wrong links after moving to another host


Hi all,

I'm in the process of moving my website over to another host. I have copied all files and databases over, but I have a problem that some links are incorrect (part of the path is missing).

The temporarily URL to the forum is:

The base page loads fine, but some links are weird. For example login points to:

While I would expect:

And members links to:

How are these links determined? I contacted support of the hosting company, but they suspect it's a configuration in XenForo somewhere.


Yes, I tried that, but that didn't solve it. On the version that's running now on the temp URL it has not been updated, because I can't login to the admin panel with all those wrong links.

Also one the old host when you approach it by IP instead of domain all the links are correct, independent of the board URL setting, so that makes me doubt it's related.


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You may have to wait for the DNS to propagate and the final URL to become available.


I know that, I checked which server I'm point to. But the problem is that certain parts of the forum get invalid links, so I have loads of error. For example the forum part is missing.

The hosting company thinks it's a configuration issue in the software, but the same configuration works fine on the old server. So I more suspect it's a problem with the configuration of the server. The support of the host thought that the baseUrl was not set correct after checking some code, but as far as I understand that is determined by the software and not directly an option I can set.