XF 1.4 Wrap Posts in Paragraph Tags Rather than Using Line Breaks


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Right now this is how the HTML for a post is outputted in Xenforo. I've replaced the <> with []:

The first line of my post. [br /]
The second line of my post.[br /]
[br /]
An empty space above this line of text.

Is there a way to make it parse the posts like this instead?:

[p]The first line of my post.[/p]
[p]The second line of my post.[/p]
[br /]
[p]An empty space above this line of text.[/p]

Thank you!
I think content of xenforo is wrapped by blockquote tag. And it use br for line break. If replace br tag to p tag, you should replace blockquote tag to div tag too. And it's good for seo. Wait for guiding.
@tohaitrieu I think @SurferJon wants to adjust the behaviour of the ENTER key in the editor.
  • Currently in XF pressing ENTER uses <br> line breaks.

  • I know in IPB their editor uses <p> for each line and pressing SHIFT+ENTER would give you <br> line breaks. This is better for semantic HTML, but maybe more difficult for mobile users. Comes down to expectations and expected results I suppose.
Maybe @Xon or @cclaerhout might have some ideas. ;) (they've done add-ons that manipulated the editor in the past)

Having said that in XF 2.0 they're switching editors... might be worthwhile making a XF suggestion to add an option for adjusting the ENTER behaviour in the editor.
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