XF 1.5 Wrap Post HTML in Paragraph Tags Rather than Using Line Breaks


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Right now when you hit "Enter" in the editor, it uses BR for line breaks. On Wordpress and some other forum software, hitting Enter actually makes a new paragraph tag and hitting Shift + Enter makes a BR tag.

Is there a way to make it parse the posts like this instead? I've replaced the <> with []:

[p]The first line of my post.[/p]
[p]The second line of my post.[/p]
[br /]
[p]An empty space above this line of text.[/p]

This is how the HTML for a post is currently outputted in Xenforo:

The first line of my post. [br /]
The second line of my post.[br /]
[br /]
An empty space above this line of text.

Thank you!
Thanks for the reply Brogan! Do you know how complicated such an idea would be for someone to pull off? Would this be a relatively easy and inexpensive project for a programmer, or more involved? Thank you!
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