WP multisite SSO


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I have Jaime's Xenscript bridge installed and am enjoying using it. However, when I visit a blog with a different domain name (same install) then I am forced to log in again. Is there a way to get one single login?

Now, the SSO add on here requires different domains - different XF installations. I only have one WP install set as a multisite and one XF; that is, there is only one database of users in XF and these are used to log into WP. I want all the sites to link to /community for one domain but there needs to be one login and not a login multiple times.

Hopefully this is clear.

Are there any suggestions?


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The post was not done in the SSO because it also deals with XenScript's product. It was a choice and can be moved if the moderator's choose.

In case others trip over this ... for the answer ... the SSO add on is for different XF installations, period.

XenSSO consists of 2 addons; XenSSO-Master and XenSSO-Slave. The master addon is to be installed on your main XenForo site that is to serve as the authentication "repository" for all your other sites. The Slave addon is to be installed on all other sites. You should NOT install both Master and Slave on the same site.
It looks like there is no known solution to what I want using WP multisite enabled and XF.