Would You Wear This?


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Yes they are! They're ninjas, though. You just never saw them.

There are three of them in this picture, for instance:

Yup I see them, 2 are being hanged for pretending to be real assassins apart of the creed, the other, well let us just say, that pretending to be a soldier (were they called those back then) wasn't such a good idea that day.


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They only Assassin's Creed I've ever played was the 2nd one. That was one of the best games I've ever played. You can't kill civilians in the game but I used to like throwing money at a guard's feet. After you throw money at a guard's feet, the civilians rush to pick up the money. If you poison the guard, he starts swinging his weapon around in a blind panic. The civilians near you get hit by his weapon and fall to the ground moaning. What's even dumber about the A.I. in this game is that if you continue to throw money at the guard while he's swinging his weapon, the civilians will continue to rush to his feet to grab the money and get knocked down repeatedly.

Adam Howard

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Black, Blue, or even gray would be a good color. White doesn't seem to last long with me.

(Neither does black, so I'd much prefer blue)