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Add-on Would you pay for...

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
Before my holiday I was working on an add-on that displayed pop up notifications. Initially it was going to be a very simple template that was called in a specifiable template hook. Quite simple, and rather static.

As time went on, eager to learn new stuff, it has developed into quite a complete solution for displaying pop up notifications.

It uses a jQuery plugin called Gritter.

The functionality is almost identical to Notices. It uses the same helpers to verify user and page criteria. A lot of the code from the Notices admin pages I have expanded as a basis for this add-on and in the process I have learnt so much - and of course it keeps the rather consistent look we've gotten to know from the various add-ons out there.

Let me show you the Admin stuff first. Please note, a lot of this isn't complete, phrases haven't yet been added etc. so this isn't necessarily representative of the final product:


Here we see the Edit Notification screen. Again, very similar to Notices. These are the options you can configure on a notification by notification basis. You can change the style, the title, the text, how long it shows for, how long it takes to fade in, fade out etc.

Here's some more options on the same page:


You can enable/disable each notification, add it as a sticky (so it doesn't automatically fade in/fade out, it has to be closed) and specify whether you want to show the visitor's avatar in the notification.

One thing missing here which I am adding now is whether the notification is dismissable or not. This will work in the same way as Notices. If the notification is dismissable, when a user clicks close it will never be shown again. If the notification is not dismissable (this would be rather annoying) it will pop up every time the user and page criteria is matched.

Here's the global options. Just the position of the notifications.


And the Notifications List:


And here's what the Notifications look like (there should be a close button in the top right corner)


You'll see here the Debug info. This add-on is incredibly lightweight. It only produces one query that executes in ~0.000762 seconds regardless of how many notifications you have:


So, I guess what I'm trying to ask is whether you think this is valuable to you as a paid add-on or not? (obviously once it's finished!)

If you think it's worth money then please suggest a price point.

If you do not think it's worth paying for then I will continue to dedicate just as much time and effort into finishing it and supporting it as if it were paid for and just do my usual trick of asking for donations.

Also, another reason for this thread is probably even more important than the rest of it. Can you suggest any more features to add?


Well-known member
Hmmm, I think this might be useful to many XF users!

In terms of cost, I think that is always a matter of your goal. You may possibly get the same number of dollars from pricing it a $10, $15, $20 or even donation.......other developers can probably school you on that one!

I'd say relatively lower pricing, maybe $15, is best because it still allows almost anyone to buy it yet makes enough that you can answer a question for them.


Well-known member
Personally I think it is worth paying for. This is something which is quite handy to have and judging from the screenshots you have done quite a nice work. About the price range it is up to you. Personally I would have charged something like 10-15 dollars for it.


Well-known member
This looks like a nice add-on Chris, I would consider paying for such addon. Would you cosider adding an option for facebook fan pages & twitter streem to show? Might that something you would consider?


Nice work, this looks great with enough features right off the bat (y)
If you plan to support it in a timely manner and perhaps even add more features to it, then there is absolutely no reason why you should not charge for your time and effort.


Well-known member
Looks like a pretty nifty addon. I'm not going to tell you how much you should charge, but I will tell you that I'd probably pay between $10-20 USD for it.


Well-known member
If this would support the ability to setup from thefront-end (rather than just the admin panel) combined with the ability to only let specific usergroups create them (and the ability to configure how many alerts can be sent on a daily/weekly/monthly basis), you'd be looking at something that could be a great way for premium memberships or site sponsors or something along those lines.

Perhaps also give admins the ability to add a small text and/or link to every alert to notify others how they could get this ability.

I'd pay for that. I'd say 15-20 bucks, perhaps more, depending on the extra features you might add.

Digital Doctor

Well-known member

Definitely useful.
$10 if it's just notices. Alerts are better.
$15-20 if it is highly customizable.
I'd want to choose where it shows up, and I'd want to be able to display an image (advertisement).

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
Definitely useful.
$10 if it's just notices.
$15-20 if it is highly customizable.
I'd want to choose where it shows up, and I'd want to be able to display an image (advertisement).
You can already choose when and where and to who the notifications show to (just like notices).

As for customising it to show an image, that should be do-able.


You'd choose the option to not show the avatar. And in the "text" field, you'd type some HTML for an image/URL (like above).

This produces:


So, not ideal. But that's how it looks by default.

The good news is, another plan I have is to have an additional template called NotificationsEXTRA.css.

The idea behind this is if you look at the first screenshot above, you can select custom, which is where you can reference your own CSS.

So if I add. the following code to the CSS:

.gritter-ads .gritter-title {
display: none
And in the Notification options, set the style to custom and type "gritter-ads", this now produces:


As you can supply your own CSS it should be completely flexible to achieve most objectives.


Well-known member
Like the others said, $15 sounds like a reasonable figure. It will allow pretty much all users to be able to buy it and is worth the money. But it is up to you how much you charge. Either way, I will be buying this addon.


Well-known member
Yes, I tend to think this would be a worthwhile thing. My gut says I would buy without reservation at $10 with $20 as the higher range (though, I would think $20 would be fair if my members like it...I guess the equivocation is not knowing how people will respond before hand).

Looks very cool, though.

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
Guys, thank you so much for your input.

Actually quite overwhelmed that most of you think this is worthy of your hard earned money.

I have decided to put this on sale (releasing very soon) for $15 (more accurately, £10 - I'm another one of them Brits :p)

I've seen some good ideas - none of them will be ready for the first release - but great to know I've still got some more work to do to make this even better :D



Active member
I'd pay for this. I think it'd be great for our recent switchover to XenForo if we can give random notifications. It'd also be great for our newbie member group, introducing them to the site.