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Would you move to XenForo Forum (alone) or wait for XenForo with CMS?

Would you move to XenForo Forum (alone) or wait for XenForo with CMS?

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Ok, a follow-up poll for the thread Is there a CMS Planned? to approximately measure the customer mindset!

I've read here and in vB.com that a lot users will buy a Xenforo license to play with it but a portion of them (including me) won't make the actual move to it in the Forum only state.

It seems many users think that a forum only website is concept of the past and for better traffic, user experience, ads & revenue we need conent pages and a well integrated system to manage it. We are in need of a simple, efficient, fast, easy to use, good-looking CMS to manage our articles, news and reviews.

So please vote and tell us what you think? Once released, would you use XF for your website as a Forum only package or would you wait for the CMS integrated version to be released?


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Every forum I own or admin pulls content out to a front page so a CMS or bridge is very important to me. However that doesn't stop me buying one licence to play around with.


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As we are not using that latest vBulletin 4 Beta version anyway, I'm totally fine with XenForo being just a forum at this time.


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Hey, no guy say, that they build the same stupid "suite" as ib.

i hope really, that xenForo make the same thing as InvisionPower, and you can make your "own" suit by clicking on addons you need.


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The CMS is important, but (sorry to go offtopic a bit): the Blogs are more important to us. Because we use vB3.8 with those Blogs and without any CMS. If it will come with Blogs and I am seriously going to consider it, although I am also a bit interested to see what Internet Brands comes up with in 6-12 months. If I have to choose between vB4.0 and XenForo alpha x.x.... then the choice is sooo obvious. It's not even a choice really... ;).
CMS is minimally important to me. To switch I need a 3rd party to re-write their software to work with xF if they are willing to, but he doesn't know if he will until xF is released so he can look at it.


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CMS it's not a "deciding factor" for me, but i hope to see soon an addon like vbadvanced for xenforo! (and a bridge xf/wordpress :D)


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It depends which forum we're talking, I will upgrade without CMS for at least one of three forums I run. For the other two I think I'm going to wait for a CMS.

So I can't really vote just one option here.


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Short Version: I'll take the Forum only please! ASAP! :)

Not really interested in a built-in CMS, a GOOD bridge to Wordpress and I'd be one happy puppy :: snoopy dance ::
I'm pretty sure that a Wordpress bridge will be an early mod if Mike and Kier don't plan on doing one, it'd be really REALLY nice to have a fully integrated and supported one though.
I'm not that interested in a fully fledged built in CMS. Leave CMS development to the CMS developers. But maybe something very lightweight, just to allow a friendly home page and a simple plugin architecture, a la CMPS.

But as has been mentioned by several other folk, bridging to my existing CMS's is important. So I think the effort would be better spent building a good API to make it easy for bridge developers. Like those nice folk at JFusion. Hint hint.

So far I like what I see, and it's good to see Kier back in the saddle. Keep up the good work.

-- hugh


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XF Forum-only is just fine to start off a new community.
Once my Forum will be populated with a few members and posts, I am sure there will be some neat add-ons available in the future.

No need to bombard the developers with "CMS"-questions all day long, give them the time they need !