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So I purchased a license about eh 6 days ago. Been working on a dev site with an imported copy of our vB database (220mb) for about 6 days. I've done about 10+ converts with an updated vBulletin 4.0.x copy and ironed out all the kinks.

Now on my current dev copy, I have changed usergroups around with their permissions. I understand that stuff like changing forums, modifying users cannot be saved when I convert the real site. However, if I do this. Will this work?

1) I convert my currently running vB site to Xenforo.
2) I use the import option that retains IDs.
3) I mysql import my settings from my dev install (so I don't have to go through 100 settings again) and overwrite the live copy, changing the settings that require base URL etc.
4) I mysql import my notices/trophies/languages from DEV install etc so I don't have to do that again.
5) I want to do the same for my restructure forums, moderators and admins. However, I feel since there is lots of linked data via mysql that this isn't a good idea. However, I don't wanna have to go through hours of re-tweaking this stuff, as downtime is no fun :(

This just a downside to a software convert?


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I've tried this myself, twice. Copying the permissions tables (and related data) from a test install over a live one of the same data. It simply didn't work. I think there was too much interlinked data. :(

Jake Bunce

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That is possible but it's a really dirty thing to do. It is also error-prone.

I always recommend doing the final import from scratch. Use the test forum as a point of reference in manually applying your custom development to the final import, rather than building onto the test forum and taking it live.


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Thanks for the opinions. I've been trying to import the data from Dev copy to dev copy in preparation. I can safely take the settings/notices/trophies without any problems.

As for everything else. I will be doing it manually. Thanks for the suggestions.