Workflow, WSL2, mysql, phpStorm ...


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I work with Windows 10.
I have installed WSL2 with Ubuntu.
I have installed Xenforo with Apache, php and mysql in wls2/Ubuntu.
I use phpStorm in Windows to edit the files directly in the linux subsystem.
I use ssh to upload new files from local to WEB with a script

Ideas now:

Backup the running system with rsync from WEB to the copy running in WSL2/Ubuntu.

Backup the mysql from Web to backup Windows

But I would like to backup all normal tables with windows software directly to the files in the windows subsystem without backup, download, import.
Is this possible?
In the last weeks, I have used only localhost for the forum I work with.
When I need to change, I change the server root and restart apache2.

But currently I have to work on two webs.
One stays on localhost.
For the second, I have added a virtual host with one.local;
changing the hosts on Windows to 127... and set the forum URL to one.local.

Everything fine so far. But ...

I can't use any forum on my wsl/ubuntu with friendly addresses.
htaccess set forum root to /

What else could be the problem, please?
I guess i never could run any xf under any ubuntu with friendly addresses.
I still have this problem. Cant use friendly urls on my apache, if not using local host as domain.
I have rewritebase / like usual (and normally this helps on the production server);
but it does not help on my wsl.

What else I can do to have friendly urls, please?
There is more than one add-on that does not work without friendly urls.
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