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[Wordpress] - Theme that mimics XenForo for your WordPress Blog!


(This theme is in the next phase of development and will not be given out during this immediate time, we apologize for those that are just coming across it! )

is a WordPress theme that mimics XenForo.
It allows you to keep your WordPress platform 100% separate from XenForo, to ensure security and no upgrade hassles.
The current release (XenfyPress 1.0) is in Beta format. Please note that you must come back here for the updates (which will all be free),
because we are not releasing it to the WordPress world until it is out of Beta.

XenfyPress 1.0 Features:
• XenForo mimic layout
• Article View
• Category View
• Page View
• Comments
• Upload Logo from Admin Panel
• Navigation Settings from Admin Panel
• Support for our users

XenfyPress Features Coming Soon:
• Dynamic Thumbnails
• Mouseover Effect on Blue Bars
• Style Chooser
• Theme Controlled by XenForo Admin Styles Panel
• Sidebar Support
• Search Bar
• Log-in Box
• Advanced Image Control
• XenForo WP Integration Add-ons

License: You may use XenfyPress on your site, but please keep our link in the footer. You may not redistribute this theme. You may not redistribute any portion of this theme as your own (this includes template files, styles, images, functions, etc). Developer? We're always looking to team up with other developers. Shoot us a PM if you have a way to integrate this style with your add-on.

Current Release: XenfyPress 1.0 Beta

>> Click here to view XenfyPress 1.0 Beta in action!
>> Click here to download XenfyPress 1.0 Beta!
I dont wanna be a ****, but just so you know with WP themes you can't enforce users to keep links due to the licensing of WP itself.

Exceptionally nice work, any plans to add sidebars and supports for widgets?
Yes...if I were you I'd polish it up some, add sidebar/widget support. Ensure that all WP 3.0 features work and attempt to sell it for whatever you can get out of it for your time in the imagery and CSS.
Thanks for your input David :) Always appreciated. Thanks for understanding not to remove the link, that's all we were after. :cool: PM me if you'd like and you have anymore thoughts!
anyone have a site running xenforo as the forum and this wordpress theme for a wordpress blog ?
A few people got the new theme today. Those that did, when you're finished installing, please post your website if you don't mind for others to see how it can be widely implemented :)
Looks great! Would be nice to have an alternative that has the layout of a typical blog, but with the XenForo theme, of course. :cool:
Thanks and great suggestion, Nick. I'm sure that we'll receive the support and enthusiasm to be able to implement every option xF owners need :)
If we make changes to the code is there a place we can submit it for consideration for inclusion to future release?

So far I've implemented custom menu's where the 2 menu items where Implemented 3 custom nav menus.
Single Sidebar
Preview text on the main page to show a brief preview of articles (500 characters)

And a few other goodies.
Yeah, definitely. http://xenfy.com/xenfypress/?p=67

Much appreciated :) , the only thing about the "preview of articles" is that in this release we were mimicking xenforo as much as possible in the given development time. If you look at this page, you will see that xF does not preview the content within, unless you roll-over. Also, you'll see no sidebar. These things will be in the next release due to the requests for a xF theme that not only mimics xF, but retains some basic wp needs. Any contributions not on our Queue, or on our queue but coded differently than we would, will be considered and developer credited as well. :cool:


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This is definitely not plug and play. There is a lot of modification that needs to be done once installed.

My main disappointment was that I was under the impression that the mod mimicked the theme you're currently using. Not the case. It's just the default xenForo theme. The tabs up on top don't match my site either.

I'll have to play around with settings and directories when I have time.