XF 1.5 Wordpress And XenForo With a Dash of XenWord and XenPortal Pro! Please Help?


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I know you said that I would have to contact the third party people that design the addon's however, I have done that and will be working with them.

I just want to make sure I have a thread for the XenForo side of things because this is going to be a bit complicated and I really want to get it working.

What I do know thus far.

I have been able to get everything working properly to a certain point perfectly. Please see below to get caught up real quick.

Please complete the following information. You may add or remove any questions you feel will help clarify your specific situation.

WordPress version: WordPress 4.7.2
XenForo version: xenforo_1.5.12
XenWord version: xenword-

What WordPress plugins do you have active?

WordPress HTTPS
Maintenance Mode
Contact Form 7
Front End PM
Slider Revolution

WPBakery Visual Composer

What happens when these WordPress plugins are not active?

Same things happens. I tried with plugins installed and without plugins installed.

What WordPress theme are you using?



To the best of your abilities please describe the problem you are experiencing:

After I install XenWord Pro.

I try to log in via admin =


And it takes me to


And not my admin log in page. So that I can make adjustments.

here is what I have.

I have XenForo installed in home directory


I have Wordpress Installed with Theme JobMonster in home directory


Everything with all plugins were working perfectly before I activated XenWord Pro. I followed all directions carefully.

1. XenForo was Found and Linked per XenWord Pro
2. I created separate admin logins so there was no conflict. 1 for XenForo and 1 for Wordpress
3. I tried to have the cookies file in my library/config.php correct, but I am not sure because I have a subdomain. Not sure if this is causing the problem.

If I rename in Wordpress Plugins - "XenWord Pro" everything works again like normal. There must be a problem with the redirect? I am also not seeing the XenForo registration page, just the normal WordPress one. It allows me to login and says success however, it just doesn't take me my admin page. When "XenWord Pro" is working.

I am willing to Tip to get this program working with my two sites.

I am sure it is going to take some time to get this working properly.


Now that you are caught up.

Wordpress Pro works perfectly at jobs.example.com
Xenforo works perfectly at example.com
XenPortal Pro works perfectly at example.com

XenWord is my only hang up at the moment. Either with Wordpress or Jobmonster.

I know I have to contact them however, I was just wondering if the experts could let me know if this is going to be an impossible task or not? I mean can I link Jobmonster Wordpress to XenForo without any Errors when done right?

I mean I have even tried to make sure my cookies were right but I am not sure if I did it correctly.


I would really appreciate any help to see if I am really out of line, or should people just blow me off and let me figure out to just give up on this?

Please be honest.

Thank you.


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Only the author of the add-on can assist - we do not have access to third party code and we are not familiar with how third party add-ons work.