Woot new layout :D

Digital Doctor

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Should most of the current Pre Sales should be mass moved to the new forum ...... and some of the "real" Pre Sales posts should be then put back in Pre Sales ?
Not worth the bother ?


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The forum list is sure getting big, but once you know where everything is it's not really an issue. Still, a split/tabbed forum index page like vb.org makes things much more friendly for new customers I think.


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More organised, much better. (y)

Would have liked to see the forum critique area below off-topic but I guess it's something to get used to.


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Darn, we all know what brogan will end up doing now lol.
No idea what you mean :whistle:

I did see this earlier when you posted it but couldn't be bothered to merge it :D
But as you mentioned it...

It was originally just entitled Forum Critiques, but we figured it would end up being a showcase anyway so might as well call it that ;)


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That forum critique area is dangerous. Bad for my health (could forget to eat, not that I couldn't stand to lose the weight dontchaknow), a time hog, a... a... a....
ooooohhhhhhhhhh... I could spend hours in there.

Digital Doctor

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We're working on it.
Many hands make light work.

Maybe Xenforo could learn a lesson from this ?

How hard is it to divide one forum into two ?
Harder than it should be ?


(1) Community Moderation
- ask for participation - get people to vote for the forum the post should end up in.
- if all 5 people thought it belonged to presales not general .... it probably is a presales thread.
- if 3 people said presales, 1 was unsure and 1 thought it was a general thread then get Brogan to make the call.
How could you get people to "Vote" ? Make it easy !


Give the person with the most "Votes" that were "correct" a free Xenforo or some other "bonus".

(2) Setup a "Temporary Moderator Lite" category that would give Members the ability to move threads from Presales to General ... but no other privileges.

(3) Send out an alert .... and get the original poster to determine if the thread is presales or general discussion.

(4) ?