Will you buy an ipad 2?


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I didn't buy the original ipad, but it would be nice to have a larger device to use when traveling around. The iphone is ok to surf the internet with in a pinch, but sucks for long sessions.
I'll buy one, it has faster graphics hardware so games will perform better, and have better graphics. And two cameras for recording and videoconferencing will be useful for me, since I no longer like Skype that much.


I did not buy the first generation, and I wanted it.
I will buy the second generation. But this iPad2 doesn't "feel" like a second generation.
However, my parents want a quick browse device that's not heavy on the wrists, and they like the iphone4, but the screen is too small.

I might just get this one for myself, let them use it as well. And let them keep it when I upgrade to the iPad3.

If you have an iPad1, I wouldn't even consider upgrading to iPad2, unless it's a $99 upgrade ..


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Does it have a USB port and support Flash now?

Is it a native 16:9 screen now, HD preferably.

Is it possible to plug in memory cards?


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Not me. I have an iPhone and I don't think Apple has done a good job explaining to me why I need one. They seem content to let people go on thinking it's a big iPhone. What does it do that I can't already do? You know?

And even if I did, price would be an issue, I'd rather have a regular computer or notebook for the same price.

Luke F

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Why anyone would get a tablet, let alone an Apple one, is beyond me. They are just oversized smartphones; you'd be better off spending your money on a nice Android phone and/or a netbook.